Parent, Family & Guest Orientation

New Friends, New Experiences

Thanks you to all the Parents, Families, and Guests who attended our Fall 2022 Orientation

We enjoyed having you join us on campus for our first in person parent family and guest orientation in three years and our first since becoming a Cal Poly. We look forward to host parents families and guest again in Fall 2023. If your student has been accepted for Fall 2023 please stay tuned for details about our Parent Family and Guest orientation.

Congratulations on successfully getting your child to this next chapter in their lives.


Dad with his two kids with a thumbs up



Thank you to those who joined us for the Fall 2022 Parent, Family & Guest Orientation.

If you were unable to make it to the orientation, don't worry, we have your back!

Recording for Fall 2021

Contact us if you have any questions at (707) 826-5696.
or by email at

There is not a Parent/Family Orientation for Spring Orientation. To learn more about how you can best support your student, visit our Parents, Family & Guest site.